Your Healthy Lawn Will Be the Envy of the Neighborhood!


Rest assured with a healthy lawn the organic way, from Borst 

Nothing looks better than a robust, healthy lawn. It can give your house real “curb appeal,”  and bring you a lot of enjoyment, too. But a truly healthy lawn takes a lot more than mowing. A well-maintained lawn requires a lot of care and a comprehensive understanding of the factors that keep your grass healthy year-round. 

With weekly maintenance and a full range of lawn care services from Borst Landscape & Design, you can put your feet up and let us take care of it! From lawn mowing, fertilizing, pruning, to spring and fall clean-ups, we can do it all. And we do it the natural way, so you and your loved ones can enjoy it safely. Your lush grass will be turning the neighbors’ heads, year-round. 

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Experienced, comprehensive lawn care

You know that to have a healthy lawn you have to stay on top of upkeep and watering, fight back weeds and keep invasive pests at bay. But did you know that factors like soil condition, which changes over the course of a year, make a big difference? 

We look at the big picture when considering what makes a healthy lawn. Healthy soil and healthy roots mean happy plants, improved water retention, and better disease resistance.

Here are just a few of the “little” things that we have learned add up to superior lawn care. The devil is in the details!

  • They say a lawn is only as healthy as its roots, therefore, we advise our clients to water deeply and less frequently to encourage roots to grow more deeply. Deeper root growth means healthier plants.
  • Did you know that dull mower blades can be the cause of brown grass? The dull blade does not properly slice the grass but tears it roughly off. Then pathogens can enter the tear and turn grass brown. 
  • Too short is not good for grass.  We maintain your lawn at around 3 inches because that height is optimal for photosynthesis. Happy green plants!
  • Aeration is key. Roots in an aerated lawn can better access the necessary oxygen they need to absorb water.

We understand that your yard is one of the most important assets of your home. That’s why it’s critical to have the professionals on your side.

Achieve your healthy lawn the natural way

Our natural lawn care program stresses natural aeration, root stimulation, and natural thatch control. Additionally, our award-winning service improves your soil’s condition by promoting healthier and stronger root growth. We have several organic fertilizer service options for your healthy lawn.

The science-based Borst approach works in concert with nature’s system of built-in checks and balances. We carefully prepare your soil to receive the microbial benefits of our natural lawn care program.  Later, as our biodegradable, organic fertilizers break down, they release nutrients that actually improve the structure of the soil, which increases its ability to hold water and nutrients.

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