You’ve Just Bought A New Home. Now, What About The Landscaping?

You’ve just moved into a new home, and stepped outside to survey the property. So many ideas, but where to start? Borst Landscape and Design has been helping Bergen County homeowners come up with smart landscape plans, then execute them in a way that fits both their vision and budget. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

First, what role do you want your yard to play? A space for entertaining lots of people? Or are you craving solitude? Consider your goals, plus things like preferred colors, style and, most importantly, your budget. As with designing a home, a budget is critical to making your dream yard a reality without needlessly blowing through money.

The other critical element for a homeowner planning their landscaping in Bergen County is having a master plan. A big picture look at the way that the seasons impact your property, what you’d like to see and when, helps you stay on track.

Quality landscaping happens in stages. Hardscape features like decks, lighting, pools, fountains and walkways should go in first. Then, build around them with foundation trees and shrubs. These take some time to get established, but in the meantime, you can augment them with seasonal color and accent plants. The experts at Borst Landscape and Design can make recommendations that are perfect for the sun, soil, drainage and more affecting your space.

And again, sticking to your master plan will keep you from getting overwhelmed when you’re at the garden center, overwhelmed by all the pretty plants.

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – and that applies to effective landscaping in Bergen County. Start with a vision and a budget, then turn to experts who can guide you in making it happen in the most effective way. Borst Landscape and Design has a long history of helping area homeowners bring their landscaping dreams to life. They’ll recommend elements that will work best in your space, both for now and in the future. Plus, they’ll keep your investment healthy and beautiful for years to come.