What Is Lime Used for on Lawns? What You Need to Know for Healthy Grass

what is lime used for on lawnsWhat is lime used for on lawns? Learn about this soil application and how to help your grasses thrive

Beautifully green, well-maintained lawns give your home great curb appeal and beautify your property. Lawns are more than grass, they are a sign of the pride you take in your home. If your lawn is showing signs of trouble, from slowed growth or brown patches to the invasion of unwanted plants or insect pests, you may be looking at an issue with your soil quality. If you are asking, “what is lime used for on lawns,” we have your answers, and more, below.

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What is lime used for on lawns?

What is lime used for on lawns? Lime is a soil amendment made from ground limestone. Both calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate occur naturally in the rock and can increase the soil’s pH when applied to a lawn. Lime is used on lawns to bring soil into a more alkaline state. 

Sometimes lime is mistaken for a fertilizer since it contains compounds useful to plant growth, but its primary role is to balance the soil. A more alkaline soil can improve the availability of important nutrients, enabling the grass plants to absorb what they need more easily. In other words, if the soil is too acidic, grasses can’t access important nutrients that they need to grow. They start to falter and that’s when the big problems start.

Signs your lawn needs lime

When soil gets out of balance and becomes too acidic over time, lawn grasses struggle to get the nutrients they need to thrive. You may notice that your grass isn’t responding to quality fertilizers as it normally would. Or you may see your grass failing while other plants that do well in more acidic soil start to take over your lawn. 

For example, lawn moss is a sign of soil with a low pH that can’t support happy thriving grass.  It’s a plant that prefers acidic soil, as many common weeds do. A healthy lawn can prevent the weeds from crowding in. If you notice an increasing presence of weeds, diseases or even  insect pests, you have a clear sign of a lawn in need of serious help. 

If these reasons have led you to ask “what is lime used for on lawns,” you are right to be looking for a solution to save your grass.

Get a soil test

If you think your soil may be too acidic, it’s a good idea to get a professional soil test. The nutrients in your soil can change over time. An inexpensive soil test can take all the guesswork out of applying the correct amendments to your lawn. Soil test results will reveal how much lime your lawn needs, based on its soil type and current pH. Contact your lawn care professionals to learn more about soil tests and whether a lime application might be right for your lawn.

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