Your Fall Lawn Care Schedule Should Include This List!

fall lawn care schedule

You want a vibrant spring lawn and for that, you need a fall lawn care schedule that works


Autumn is the time to prepare your lawn for winter survival and healthy growth in the spring. But it’s important to follow a fall lawn care schedule. The maintenance done now relies on specific conditions to succeed. 


For example, if fertilization takes place too close to a freeze, the soil won’t be able to take in the nutrients your grass roots need to keep them fed through winter’s scarcity. If you aerate while it’s still hot, it won’t be as effective. To achieve a healthy lawn next year, you need a fall lawn care schedule and you need to stick to it.


It can be a lot for any homeowner to keep on top of. Let Borst take away the stress of lawn maintenance. You can rely on us to make sure your lawn has a vibrant spring ahead. 


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8 Important Fall Lawn Care Tips:


There’s an array of important lawn care services that should be on your fall schedule. These are the top 8:


  1. Mowing and Watering. Yes, your lawn needs regular maintenance through the cooler months, like mowing to the correct height and watering consistently straight through to winter’s freeze. Your grass is still growing and if it gets too long it will be susceptible to fungi like snow mold. And, though fall may be a rainier season, grass still needs water to reliably penetrate to the roots.
  2. Fertilize. Your grass and plants store important nutrients in their root systems during winter when food is scarce. Lawn fertilization in the fall protects roots from freezing and promotes root growth in spring. Our basic turf fertilization schedule includes applications in early fall and late fall for robust roots.
  3. Raking, Blowing and Debris Removal. Removing wet and matted leaves oxygenates grass roots and allows more light to reach grass for photosynthesis. It also prevents fungus from growing under wet, decomposing leaf mat. You should keep raking even once trees are bare, as winds may blow leaves around the yard and block sunlight from reaching your grass.
  4. Core Aeration punches holes through the thatch and pulls up plugs of soil. This promotes root growth and helps nutrients move through soil compacted by dry conditions and heavy foot traffic. It’s best done at regular intervals with professional equipment.
  5. Overseeding. This will thicken the lawn for spring and help keep weeds at bay, as well as filling in any bare or brown spots.
  6. Pest Control. We treat to control grubs in the early fall. Otherwise, these bugs will hatch in spring and get right to eating your grass. Additionally, many pests will winter in long grass and shrubs, and good fall lawn care will help keep them at bay.
  7. Broadleaf and Creeping Weed Control. Applied as needed in fall, our weed control treatment will protect your lawn against aggressive broadleaf weeds like dandelions, chickweed, and plantain, as well as creeping weeds like creeping Charlie and dollar weed, which are perennial creepers that rob your grass and soil of moisture.
  8. Stick to a Fall Lawn Care Schedule. Fall is a busy time of year. It’s important to stick to a schedule to properly maintain your lawn in preparation for winter and for a beautiful green lawn come spring. The simplest and most reliable way is to put it in the hands of Bergen County’s best.


Borst Landscape & Design specializes in providing lawn maintenance and lawn care services that are safer, natural, and dependable. Beautifully maintained lawns give your home a better look. Let us provide your home with the best lawn care in NJ.


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Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash