The Best Landscape Services for Your NJ Home – 2019

As a Bergen County homeowner, you know how much a beautiful lawn and landscape enhances the beauty of your home, but you also know that it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it that way. Keeping your lawn and landscape green and healthy year-round is a full-time commitment that requires professional landscape services in NJ. By hiring a professional, full-service landscape company, you can devote your free time to enjoyable activities and provide numerous benefits for your landscape.

law care njRegular Landscaping Services

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional landscape service in NJ is the consistency of regular lawn care and landscaping services throughout the year. When you hire a professional landscape company to take care of your landscaping needs, you can expect regular, reliable service come rain or shine. A knowledgeable, skilled landscape crew will be assigned to your home on a weekly basis.

They will take care of your lawn care, maintenance and landscaping needs as scheduled, per your contract agreement terms. Regular lawn care and maintenance services typically include:

  • Regular lawn mowing
  • Regular weeding
  • Border edging for patio areas, driveways and walkways
  • Cleanup of patio areas, driveways and walkways
  • Yard cleanup in the Spring to remove dead winter growth and prepare the landscape for summer
  • Yard cleanup in the Fall to remove dead summer growth and prepare the landscape for winter

pest control nj homeOutdoor Pest Control Services

If you are looking for a way to prevent unwanted mosquitos, fleas and ticks in your landscape year-round, Borst Landscape has a natural, organic pest control solution that will work in your yard.

Small insects like mosquitos, fleas and ticks are difficult to see and can invade your lawn. Borst’s environmentally-friendly sprays are safe for your family and pets.

outdoor lawnOrganic Lawn Care Services

Organic lawn care promotes root growth with natural aeration in your lawn that helps to control weeds by improving the soil conditions. Custom organic nutrient mixtures promote healthy root systems, increase plant stability and add protection from lawn diseases and harmful insects that can quickly destroy a beautiful lawn. Your plants, shrubs and trees will also benefit from organic lawn care services. Organic fertilization will add nutrients to your existing soil that promote strong, healthy root systems and foliage. Plants, shrubs and trees will grow faster and be less susceptible to fungal diseases, insects and outdoor pests that can cause significant damages to your landscape.

Strong, stable roots will allow your plants, shrubs and trees to tolerate environmental stress from extreme weather conditions like sun, heat and drought in the spring and summer, as well as snow, ice and freezing temperatures which are common in Northern NJ winters.

Regular Lawn Care and MaintenanceDesign and Build Services

Another great benefit of hiring a qualified professional for your landscape services in NJ is design and build services. Adding special outdoor features to your home will boost curb appeal and property value, create outdoor entertaining areas and enhance comfortable outdoor atmosphere.

Just imagine adding some or all of these great outdoor features to your Bergen County landscape:

Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you prefer a fun cookout with the kids or an elegant dinner with friends, an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful outdoor feature for any Northern NJ home. When you build an outdoor kitchen, you can select a gas grill, electric grill, wood-fired grill or hybrid-fired grill that cooks with gas, charcoal and wood. Depending on your needs and budget, you can also select from a variety of outdoor kitchen appliances including cook tops, side burners, rotisseries, smokers, deep fryers, pizza ovens, griddles and warming drawers. You can also install under-counter refrigerators, ice makers, freezers, wine coolers and beer kegerators.

Convenient kitchen accessories include sinks, dishwashers, blenders, storage drawers and cabinets, cutting boards, trash bins, lighting and cooking utensils.

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will add immediate outdoor ambiance to your Bergen County back yard. There’s nothing better than gathering around a warm, cozy fire after dinner or roasting marshmallows with the kids on a quiet summer night. Whether you choose a custom-built fireplace for the patio or terrace or a simple fire pit for the backyard, your family and friends will love relaxing around a beautiful, crackling fire. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is an outdoor feature that you will enjoy for many years through every season. Talk to your landscape contractor about the differences in fireplace and fire pit requirements such as building permits, utility expenses and other restrictions that may impact your landscape services in NJ.

Swimming Pool and Spa

Swimming pools and spas can be designed and built in various sizes and shapes with beautiful custom features like water slides, waterfalls, fountains, underwater jets and lighting, tanning ledges and steps. If you have a large back yard, a rectangular or square-shaped pool can be built larger and deeper.

For a small yard, an oval-shaped pool or a lap pool will take up less yard space. A heated pool and spa will allow you to enjoy the outdoors all year, even during a cold New Jersey fall and winter.

Outdoor Waterfall or Fountain

Building an outdoor waterfall or fountain in your backyard will immediately create an outdoor atmosphere of tranquility and a special landscape focal point. Imagine the relaxing sounds of water trickling down a beautiful custom waterfall or fountain in your landscape. There are many options for style and materials, as well as sizes and shapes. If you want to conserve water and save money, ask your contractor to add a pump that re-circulates water or connects to some type of irrigation system for your landscape.

Outdoor Driveway and Walkways

In the front yard, a pristine driveway and walkway bordered by beautiful plants or flowers and landscape lighting will create a welcoming ambiance and boost curb appeal.

In the back yard, a custom walkway will provide visual interest, texture and color to the landscape.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a simple, inexpensive outdoor feature that will have a big impact on your landscape.

When the sun goes down, it will highlight interesting architectural materials and features on your house, create soft, inviting atmosphere in your landscape and provide extra safety around your home.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls require specialized construction knowledge, so it’s best to hire a reputable, experience landscape contractor like Borst Landscape & Design who has built them before.

It’s important that the wall is built high enough, strong enough and with proper materials to ensure that it does not crack or collapse under pressure.