Look No Further For the Best Deer Repellent

best-deer-repellentWhat is a castle without strong defenses? For your castle, the best deer repellent is protective plantlife. Let Borst Landscape & Design help you plant your fortress.

You may be surprised to learn that you and deer have similar taste in flowers. The difference is that you enjoy them for their beauty…and deer enjoy them as a salad. Roses, clematis, and chrysanthemums are all on the menu, as are other tender, fragrant plants. Finding the best deer repellent takes a bit of creativity. Some may look to chemical or motion-sensing deterrents, but we at Borst Landscape know that the best deer repellent comes from Mother Nature. 

Read on to learn how we keep out unwanted four-hoofed guests the natural way. For more information, give us a call at (201) 581-8076, or contact us via our website.

Keep Deer-Attracting Plants Near Your Bergen County Home

One line of defense for keeping your plants safer is to keep them closer to home. If your raspberry bushes and luscious hostas are scattered throughout your yard, wandering deer are more likely to traipse up and take a bite. Human activity makes for a great deer repellent. So, the closer plants are to your home, the more hesitant deer will be to approach. Not only that but having your prized petunias in sight of a window allows you to keep a closer eye on them.

Building Your Perimeter of Protection

  • The Fragrant Way —

Patches of garlic, lavender, and mint are excellent deer repellents. These plants and others help mask the scent of flowers and berries which are more interesting to deer. 

  • The Fancy Way — 

Deer have no sense of style, trust us. They give a wide berth to additions such as large planters, outdoor lighting, and other things they wouldn’t come across in the wild. Our landscaping experts can help you jazz up your backyard and keep Bambi away — scare two deer with one stone … fountain, as they say.

  • The Prickly Way — 

You may not have a high opinion of prickly plants. They get caught on sweaters while hiking or scratch your leg while you try to relax by a river. Turns out, deer don’t have a high opinion of them either. Employ the help of thorny plants such as barberries or cleome around the edges of your property to keep the herds at bay. An expert from Borst Landscape can help you design the best deer-repellent boundary which will complement the rest of your property.

  • The Tried and True — 

If you have a garden plot in a contained area, the best deer repellent may be to incorporate an attractive fence or barrier with the help of a Borst landscaper. Imagine walking through an archway covered in blooming sweetpea vines on your way to harvesting the day’s vegetables.

Find The Best Deer Repellent For Your Yard Today

Whatever the challenge, the team at Borst Landscape & Design is up to the task. We combine a practical, natural approach with an eye for beauty. Give us a call, and you’ll never have to wonder how to keep deer out of your yard again.

You can reach us on our online contact form, or by giving us a call at (201) 581-8076.

Photo by Martin Alargent from Pexels